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Vibration Sensors

NEPEAN Electronics is now offering a complete range of vibration sensors to complement its range of protection products. These sensors are ideally suited to condition monitoring of machinery. By monitoring machinery for abnormal levels of vibration major failures of bearings and rotating components may be avoided.


An extensive range of sensors are available to cover most needs. Both current loop sensors and voltage output types can be supplied with different measuring modes and ranges. Sensors are available flying lead, or plug connections and quick connect mounts are available to aid removal of the sensor from the machine it is monitoring. Cable entry may be from either top or side. Protection up to IP68 is also available.


Hazardous area certification has been obtained for most of the sensors within the range, making them suitable for using directly on machines with in hazardous areas of coal mines.


The sensors must be powered through appropriate safety barriers when used in this manner.



ATEX and IECEx Group I certified. General purpose, top‐entry velocity transducer with DC output. Made from robust stainless steel throughout for continuous vibration monitoring in harsh industrial environments. Sealed to IP67 with industry standard two‐wire 4‐20mA output proportional to sensor range that can connect directly to PLC, DCS and other industrial controllers. Includes integral stainless overbraided ETFE cable and is available with a wide range of mountings.

Microcontroller-based condition monitoring system

The X5000 features a 3.5 inch TFT touchscreen with an easy-to-navigate menu that enables users to set data sampling periods, alarm threshold levels and delay times on a channel-by-channel basis or across all channels. The system will accept voltage or 4-20mA inputs and can be used to monitor many different types of sensor. AC outputs are available via door-mounted BNCs for easy analysis. Modbus and remote PC monitoring available as options.

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