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Configured & Engineered Starters

NEPEAN Power manufactures a complete range of flameproof and non-flameproof starters and control panels.

NEPEAN Power is able to supply the design; engineering and commissioning required ensuring correct and safe operation. Main drive starters, like most of our equipment, are “custom built” to suit the specific requirements regarding physical size, mounting and whether fixed or skid mounted, drip proof or weatherproof. Units have been supplied to many Australian collieries as well as quarries (crushing plants), industrial plants, grinding mills, fans and centrifuges. The cubicles are constructed from sheet steel, (SS or MS), fully folded and welded having separate compartments for mains, control and indication, with the indication panel usually recessed for underground use to prevent damage. The main access is interlocked with the main switch. Other equipment containing non-interlocked doors are fully shrouded to prevent accidental contact with live parts.

NEPEAN Power manufactures standard, mechanical and electronic starters to suit all applications including:

  • Variable voltage variable frequency (VVVF)

  • Solid state (SCR Drives)

  • Vector feedback control

  • Direct current (DC Drives)

  • Direct on line

  • Star delta

  • Autotransformer starting

  • Rotor resistance starters

  • Multi-stage starting

  • NEPEAN boss controllers

  • Tripper drive control

Each type of starter is available in a range of operational environments:

  • 415V to 11kV

  • 1kW to 2MW

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