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Flit Plug Silicone Encapsulant

NEPEAN Flit Plug Encapsulant is a two component, low viscosity silicone rubber for insulative potting and encapsulation in Flit Plug applications. After mixing the two components, the material cures upon exposure to moisture in the air at room temperature. This product is easy to use and provides a long term reliable solution for the encapsulation of flit plugs for use in the mining industry and other encapsulation requirements in many industrial applications.

  • Flit Plug Encapsulant

  • Flameproof cable connecting

  • Potting of electronic components and circuits

  • Encapsulation of electrical and electronic components

  • Conforms to the following standards:

    • AS 1147.1-1989, Part 1

    • AS/NZS 60079.18:2005, Encapulation ‘m’

    • AS/NZS 60079.0:2005, General Requirements

  • Non-Flammable catalyst

  • Low viscosity allows for good flow and penetration

  • Repairable by cutting away and pouring new material

  • Protects against dust and dirt, and helps minimise the risk of arcing

  • Curable at room temperatures in 24 hours, depending on ambient conditions

  • Flexibility of cured material helps absorb cable movement, and contributes to connection integrity

  • Retains elastometric properties from -60°C to +224°C continuous

  • This product does not produce any byproduct during the curing reaction, complied with the

  • RoHS, REACH of EU directivePart A & Part B differing colours ensure a colour change on mixing, which allows confirmation without streaks

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