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NEPEAN Power is committed to:

  • Achieving the highest possible standard of workplace health and safety in all of its operations so as to ensure the health and safety of everyone that works for the company, including contractors, visitors and the public

  • Establishing measurable objectives and targets and ensuring continual improvement aimed at preventing work related injury or illness

  • Communicating company health and safety policies and procedures to all employees and others involved in the workplace

  • Investigating all incidents to the level required in the company workplace health and safety management system


NEPEAN Power accepts its responsibility to provide the support and direction to achieve this commitment and will maintain a comprehensive health and safety management system developed and implemented with employee involvement and with assigned appropriate responsibility and accountability at all levels within the company so that the health and safety system operates effectively.

At NEPEAN Power, workplace health and safety is an integral part of all operations. It is the responsibility of all levels of management and employees to demonstrate this at all times through active participation in all their activities. No employee is or will be required to carry out any task that they reasonably consider being unsafe. The need for Safe Work Procedures will continue to be identified and such documents will be developed, implemented and their use monitored.


NEPEAN Power and all of its employees will at all times work to continually improve and achieve best practice in health and safety.

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