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RTD Sensors

NEPEAN Power’s Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD’s) have a well deserved reputation in the industry for their superior stability and accuracy. RTD PT100 sensors are an industry standard sensor made of platinum, which has a 100 ohm resistance at 0°C and a temperature co-efficient (alpha) of 0.00385 ohm/°C.

Available Products

Stocked Parts

Compression Fittings

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Compression Fittings

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Bolt Type RTD's

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These are standard bolts (stainless steel, unless requested otherwise), with the sensing element drilled into the head of the bolt to be just short of the end of the thread. Typical diameters are M8, M10, or M12 and lengths of 30 to 100mm.

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Bolt Type RTDs

Probe Type RTD's

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Probes come in various sizes: diameter, length, mounting type and mounting thread, straight or right angle mounted. We also provide customized solutions. Please specify diameter and length from mounting point, standard diameters would be 3, 6 and 8mm with lengths up to 1M. Compression fitting allowing the probe to be slide in or out.

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Probe Type RTDs

Washer Type RTD's

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This type of probe can be mounted under a bolt head like a washer. Typical sizes are M6 to M20. These are supplied as flying lead type only.

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Washer Type RTDs

Head Type RTD's

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Head Type RTD Probe with Thread

Supplied complete with X0429 transmitter.

Head Type RTD Probe with No Thread

Supplied complete with X0429 transmitter. Compression fitting not included.

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