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Ring Main Unit

NEPEAN Power RMU’s offer a unique, customisable solution for your medium and high voltage applications.

The RMU’s are gas insulated, with MV components contained within a stainless steel tank.

Standard switchgear options include:

  • Load Brake Switch (LBS)

  • Circuit breaker (VCB)

  • Fuse/s and bus bar

NEPEAN Power RMU’s are suitable for rated frequency 50/60Hz and rated voltage 12kV distribution networks. It is designed for use in the following applications, but not limited to: compact secondary substations, small industries, wind power plants, hotels, shopping centres, office buidlings, business centres, airports, hospitals, underground railways.

NEPEAN Power RMU’s are type tested to IEC 62271-201 and IEC62271-304 ensure a compliant solution to your MV distribution needs.


  • Rated voltage (12kV)

  • Rated frequency (50Hz)

  • Rated current (LBS/ Combination Apparatus)(630/100A)

  • 1min P.F withstand voltage (Phase to phase, phase to earth) (42kV)

  • 1min P.F withstand voltage (Disconnect gap)(49kV)

Working Condition

  • Ambient temperature: -40°C ~ +45 °C (average temperature ≤ 35°C)

  • Altitude: ≤3000m

  • Humidity: Daily average ≤95%, daily average water vapor pressure ≤2,2KPa, monthly average ~90%, monthly average water vapor pressure ≤1.8KPa

  • The electromagnetic interference value in the second system will not exceed 1.6kY.

Note: Customised products are available.

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