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Reflective Decals

The NEPEAN Power Reflective Decals offer industry leading retroreflectivity, conspicuity and legibility because of their highly efficient retroreflective optics. Using Diamond Grade 3M 4090 materials, it helps improve safety by providing higher luminance values at distances most critical to users. With a service life of 10 years, these decals are a necessity for a wide range of industrial and commercial uses.


• 3M Diamond Grade 4090
• Performs at high observation angles and wide entrance angles
• Helps overcome reduced sign illumination from VOA headlights
• Offers excellent life-cycle value
• Short, medium and long sight distances
• Available in a full range of sizes and variations

Note: There is a minimum order quantity for all decals of 500 pcs.

Click on below decals for part numbers and available sizes

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