Contains the database of protection function settings for all outlets and various loads. This information is transmitted to all outlets and connected to the EMM via a high speed group communication interface. Through this interface the run time data from each machine is available to the EMM in real time. The depth of memory available to the EMM gives it the advantage of being a gateway for external devices such as a PLC to access this data from each outlet and the configuration settings each outlet is adhering to. The memory interface takes on the important role of conducting synchronisation tasks between multiple outlets, for example, controlling outlets which are interlocked by a fan.

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Motor Protection


Protection System

The Epoch Protection System is the new generation in protection devices, designed to provide complete protection to the AS/NZS 2081:2011 standard and is certified Intrinsically safe under IEC 60079.11 ‘Ex ia’ for electrical equipment in the mining and industrial environments.  Using advanced microprocessor controlled technology and state of the art hardware design, the Epoch Protection System achieves high accuracy, long lasting reliability, and exceeds Australian standards requirements.



The Control Interface unit of the Epoch Protection System and is the integral component that brings together the full protection functionality of each outlet. It performs the AS/NZS 2081:2011 Earth Continuity protection function on the outlet as well as receive and process signals from the Power Interface. The pilot conductor is connected through an EP041 barrier into the hazardous zone. It drives the HMI Display (EDM) and also controls the Main Circuit Breaker. External buttons for Start, Stop, and Reset are connected through the Control Interface.

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EP013 & EP014

The Power Interface is the heart of the Epoch Protection System and its purpose is to collect and process voltage and current signals in order to perform the protection functions for the system.
It controls the main-contactor for each outlet and the design makes it quick and easy to install.
The Power Interface enclosure has been designed to provide protection from electrical noise and as such ensures reliable operation in harsh target environments, such as high voltage switching cabinets. There are two intrinsically safe devices certified to ‘Ex ia’ installed in a Power Interface unit, the Real Time Clock (RTC) Flag Relay and the EFLO Barrier. When the EPIM unit is powered, the RTC Flag Relay and EFLO Barrier are not suitable for installation in a hazardous area and it is recommended that an ‘Ex d’ enclosure be used. When the EPIM is not powered, the RTC Flag Relay and EFLO Barrier are suitable to be installed or present in a
hazardous area.

The Display Interface is an ‘Ex ia’ panel mounted WVGA 480x272 pixel 24-bit full colour LCD with a membrane keypad which integrates system functionality. This display, together with the keypad has the advantage of reducing the wiring overhead for each outlet by integrating test and runtime functionality. The interface is robust, easy to use and enables the user to view system status, modify protection functions and debug trip issues using the comprehensive event log database.The PD1 is powered by the EP081 IS power supply and communicates with the ECM through the EP051 intrinsically safe communications barrier.



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The Remote Modules provide additional monitoring and protection for the connected machinery. The PR1 relays information from the machinery back to the ECM using the pilot wire. This information is then communicated via Extended Internet Protocol (EIP) to the EMM. Monitoring of the machine includes equipment identification, earth continuity, remote start and stop functionality as well as temperature protection. This ensures quick disconnection and reconnection of a variety of plant as each machine has a unique identifier which is recognised by the EPOCH protection system. The protection settings for the machine can be pre-stored on the PR1 and this is automatically detected by the EPOCH system once the PR1 is connected to an outlet. This allows for site wide management of the equipment and its protection settings via the EMM and an Ethernet network connection. Equipment settings can be adjusted and saved “in situ” by personnel authorised to access the locked reset facility.



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The HCS relay provides a definite time operating characteristic with adjustable trip sensitivity and time delay. The relay latches when tripped and provides normally open and change-over relay contacts. The relay supports an external reset switch, and a 4-20mA interface allows external monitoring. The user has the ability to individually adjust trip levels for both 20-90Hz frequency’s and 190 to 6000 frequencies, allowing visible monitoring and protection.
The HCS Earth Leakage Relay is housed in a robust industrial case and can be either ‘DIN Rail’ or ‘Panel’ mounted through a 69 x 39mm cut out. When panel mounted, the front of the HCS relay is designed to provide IP56 ingress protection. An attachment to prevent unauthorised adjustment of the trip settings is available separately.

Holistic Current Shield Relay

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The MachineWatch (X0270 MW) is a complete Motor control safety system in one box. As a replacement for the FanWatch, the MachineWatch has improved reliability and flexibility.
NEPEAN Power’s MachineWatch is suitable for Coal Mines Auxiliary Fans and other motor applications that require constant monitoring of vital functions.
The MachineWatch is capable of monitoring more than motor vibration, temperature, airflow, gas content, voltage and current. Simply plug and play with any other 4-20mA compatible sensor and you can monitor whatever you like.
The MachineWatch can safely shutdown the motor in unsafe conditions such as Overload, Undercurrent, Phase rotation/loss, and any other sensor you care to connect.
Up to 100 trip events are stored in history within the unit and retained when power is removed. The internal record keeps track of start/stop times as well as the service run time.
Both live and history information is available through either ModbusTCP or EthernetIP connections.
The X0287 PS is an improved design 24V power supply that allows the MW to engage an Anti-Windmill Contactor up to 12 seconds after power is removed. The PS also provides a secondary output to power 4-20mA sensors.

Machine Watch

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Our solid state overload relay monitors the protected circuit and provides trips to ensure safe operation. Monitoring checks for overload current, short circuit, under-current, and motor temperature (thermistor). It also detects faults with the current transformers used.

15-500A Overload Relay

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Belt Protection

The NEPEAN Power Belt Slip and Speed Monitor is designed to fulfill the needs of speed and slip measurement for conveyor systems. The Belt Slip Relay is compliant with AS/NZS 4024.3611:2015 which corresponds to “Safety of Machinery. Conveyors-Belt conveyors for bulk material handling. Clause”.

Belt Slip & Speed Monitor

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Phase Loss

The unit has been designed for use with power systems and rotating machines where the possibility of incorrect phase rotation exists. Phase rotation and phase loss are constantly monitored and reported by LEDs on the front panel and relay contact outputs.
The unit is powered from 24VDC (X0431), and will directly sense voltages of 415V to 1100VAC phase to phase. There are separate relays with change over contacts for each phase direction, one of which will change state on the correct phase sequence being detected. Both phase rotation and loss are detected in less than a second.
The unit is housed in a convenient din rail mounted enclosure. Control power and relay terminations are via a plug in connector with screw terminals and the phase sensing is 600mm flying leads.

Phase Loss & Rotation Relay

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Fuse & Carriers

415V Fuse

690V Square Pipe Fuse

1000V Fault Limiting  Fuses

1000V Fuses

3 Phase Fuse Carrier Disconnected Switch

415V Square Pipe Fuse

1000V Fault Limiting  Fuses

HV Current Limiting Fuse

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