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Power Systems Modelling & Power Systems Analysis

NEPEAN Power has the ability to analyse an integrated set of modules for Three-Phase Power System Design,  rigorous load flow and voltage drop calculations, impact motor starting, traditional fault analysis, demand and design load analysis, feeder, raceway and transformer sizing, and panel, MCC, and switchboard schedule specification.

Our Comprehensive Fault Analysis program provides a network solution of three-phase, single-line to ground, line-to line, and double line to ground fault currents; RMS momentary fault currents; asymmetrical fault duties at three, five, and eight cycles; the positive, negative, and zero sequence impedance values between each fault location, and contributions from utilities, generators, and motors. At each fault location, the direction, X/R, and magnitude of fault currents are reported, thus providing a clear view of the conditions that exist during the fault.

NEPEAN Power will size feeder cables, ground wires, raceways, bus ducts, duct banks and transformers throughout the power system to the load requirements calculated by the Demand Load Analysis program. Feeders are selected to meet user-defined criteria for conductor material, voltage level, insulation type, and environmental conditions. Transformer primary and secondary feeders are sized to the transformer full load as specified by the user. Feeders and transformers may be included, excluded or evaluated in the sizing study.

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