Wire Wound


The NEPEAN Power Wire Wound Resistor has an aluminium alloy shell with surface grooves for optimum dissipation. They are small in size and strong in construction for easy application. They provide high stability and favourable
mechanical protection for easy installation. With a high power rating, resistence to high temperature and high overload the Wire Wound Resistor is a strong and reliable product.

With a range to suit various CT ratios, NEPEAN Power offers ammeters suitable
for diverse applications and industries. Our ammeters offer a reliable solution to
measure alternating current present in a circuit. Our design features a black pointer
used for clear and easy indication.
NEPEAN Power ammeters come standard with 6 x overscale allowing durability and
accuracy at the time of high motor starting currents being present.

NER Resistor

• The resistor has a ribbon wire mounted on a porcelain insulator.
• Open coil construction allows efficient heat dissipation and accommodates overloads and surges
• Insulators provide spacing and support
• Terminals are welded to the resistive wire for reliable electrical connection
• The wire is copper or nickel-chromium alloy
• Support plates provide fixation and allow for better heat dissipation
• The resistors are continuously rated





Power Supplies





X0225 20V AC/DC



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