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X0269: Phase Loss and Rotation Relay

The NEPEAN Power Phase Loss & Rotation Relay has been designed for use with power systems and rotating machines where the possibility of incorrect phase rotation exists. Phase rotation and phase loss are constantly monitored and reported by LEDs on the front panel and relay contact outputs. The unit is powered from 24VDC, and will directly sense voltages of 415V to 1100VAC phase to phase.There are separate relays with change over contacts for each phase direction, one of which will change state on the correct phase sequence being detected. Both phase rotation and loss are detected in less than a second.

The unit is housed in a convenient din rail mounted enclosure. Control power and relay terminations are via a plug in connector with screw terminals and the phase sensing is 600mm flying leads.

Dimensions: 45mm W x 75mm H x 105mm D


Note: Not suitable to use with VVVF systems.

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