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Overload Relays

Our solid state overload relay monitors the protected circuit and provides trips to ensure safe operation. Monitoring checks for overload current, short circuit, under-current, and motor temperature (thermistor). It also detect faults with the current transformers used.

  • Overload trip settings 15A-500A

  • Instantaneous Short Circuit (x1) to (x10) of the Overload Setting

  • Selectable Undercurrent Detection

  • Four Relay Outputs

  • Thermistor input

  • 2x CT inputs with open circuit and short circuit detection

  • 3 second operation after power loss

  • 4-20mALoad Current Monitoring Loop

  • Remote Ethernet monitoring/control (optional) via EthernetIPor MobdbusTCP

  • Instantaneous over-current detection will latch within 40mS

  • Detects over-current situation as per Standard Inverse Curve

  • Detects lowor high thermistor resistance

  • Undercurrent detection when the current drops to a user selectable level

  • Accuracy +/- 5%of short circuit setting

  • Din rail mounted, 4mm cage screwed terminals, IP20

  • Dimensions: 90 x 75 x 106 mm

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