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Open Cut Substations

NEPEAN Power designs and manufactures world class power distribution equipment such as relocatable open cut substations. Substations have been developed specifically for the arduous conditions of open cut mining. They are suitable for powering heavy plant and machinery including draglines, shovels and drills in coal, metalliferous and sand mining operations.

High Voltage Switchgear
The switchgear is positioned on the roof of the switchroom with the operating mechanisms located on the side of the room allowing easy access for personnel. The HV circuit breaker can be mounted on the front or rear of the substation. Surge diverters are mounted on the incoming supply and the load side of the isolator.


Transformers ranging from 2MVA to 30MVA in various combinations of primary and secondary voltages, dependent upon specific needs, can be included. NEPEAN's standard Open Cut Substation includes earth fault current limitation, provided by continuously rated neutral earthing resistors to the Star point of all secondary windings. Neutral resistor monitoring, and earth leakage relays are installed as standard equipment on each secondary neutral, tripping directly to the main HV circuit breaker.


NEPEAN Power’s switchrooms are constructed to comply with our customer’s specifications, and can befitted with air-conditioning and fire suppression. The switchroom configuration is adapted to suit the circuit breakers, protection relays, and other requirements specified by the customer. External remote controls are installed to give added security and controlled access to the equipment inside, allowing for safe operation. Medium voltage outlets with bolted adaptors are located at a workable height; alternate cable boxes may be installed on customer requirement. Viewing windows are provided for safe inspection of the MV equipment.

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