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Longwall Electrical Systems

NEPEAN Power is able to offer engineer designed equipment for a complete longwall system ranging from IP56/flameproof transformers, flameproof distribution control boxes to control and monitoring enclosures that are certified and compliant to all relevant standards.

The NEPEAN Power flameproof longwall DCB is available in various combinations up to 8 outlets at 3.3kV. The equipment is designed and manufactured with an emphasis on safety, reliability and accessibility for normal maintenance.

The DCB has separate enclosures for the main incomer supply, 3.3kV outlets, gas detection and PLC/control. The isolator serves two functions, firstly it protects against overloads or short circuits, and the second is to provide a means of isolating power from the control enclosure. The control enclosure houses contactors and protection relays for each outlet, arranged in easily maintained modular sections. It is both electrically and mechanically interlocked to the isolator compartment, to ensure that it can only be opened while the power is isolated.

NEPEAN Powers Longwall Control & Monitoring Enclosure is designed to complement NEPEAN Power’s longwall substation range utilising the PLC and SCADA systems to display all operating functions and fault conditions for the face supports, shearer, face drives, pumps station, substation, signalling and communication system, gas monitoring and mine included projects i.e. conveyor system.

The NEPEAN Power Longwall Substation can be manufactured in either flameproof or ingress protection versions up to 7.5MVA and typically 11KV/3.3KV.

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