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Panel Meters

For more information find part detail in PDF

Panel Meters

The NEPEAN Power voltmeters offer a reliable solution to measure voltage present in a circuit. These voltmeters are suitable for a variety of industry applications with a range of options to suit varied external power transformers.
These voltmeters feature a black pointer used for clear and easy indication.

With a range to suit various CT ratios, NEPEAN Power offers ammeters suitable for diverse applications and industries. Our ammeters offer a reliable solution to measure alternating current present in a circuit. Our design features a black pointer used for clear and easy indication.
NEPEAN Power ammeters come standard with 6 x overscale allowing durability and accuracy at the time of high motor starting currents being present.

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For more information find part detail in PDF

Metering Current Transformers

NEPEAN Power’s range of current transformers can be applied to test, control, display and record the running of electrical equipment, and to protect the equipment against damage, in the AC circuit with the rated voltage value below 720V and the frequency of 50-60Hz. The current transformers can be also applied to form a complete set of mine transformer.

• Safe, easy to install and portable
• Wide inner window, allowing clamping of big cables or bus-bars
• Wide range of sizes to accommodate all the existing installations

• Current measurement, monitoring and protection for electrical wiring and equipment
• Current and power measurement for electric motors, lighting, air compressor, heating and ventilation system, air conditioning equipment and automation control system
• Current, power and energy monitoring device
• Relay protection device



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Panel Meters

Metering CT

For more information find part detail in PDF


Power Meter

Three-phase multi-function power meter that provides the most affordable metering solution with reliable power metering features for voltage, current, power, THD, demand, RS485 and bi-directional energy.

• Voltage - Ua, Ub, Uc, Uab, Ubc, Uca, UL-L avg. UL-N avg.
• Current - la, lb, lc, ln, l avg.
• Current Unbalance Rate - l unbal.
• Active Power - Pa, Pb, Pc, ΣP
• Reactive Power - Qa, Qb, Qc, ΣQ
• Apparent Power - Sa, Sb, Sc, ΣS
• Power Factor - PFa, PFb, PFc, ΣPF
• Frequency - F
• Active Energy - Total kWh (import/export)
• Reactive Energy - Total kvarh (import/export)
• Apparent Energy - kVAh
• Demand (l, P) and Max. Demand record for i, P
• 31st Harmonic analysis, THD, THDu, THDi
• Setpoint Alarm - over voltage, under voltage, over current, under current, frequency too high, frequency too low, overload, over demand, phase loss, status input OFF
• 2 Relay Outputs

• Suited for Panel mount
• Suited for distribution system under 650kV (PT value setting available)
• True RMS measuring parameters
• Setpoint alarm for over/under limit
• 31st Harmonic analysis, THD
• Status input and relay output function (optional)
• High accuracy, class 0.5s for kWh
• Small size: 72*72mm
• One RS485, support MODBUS-RTU protocol



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