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Electrical Construction

NEPEAN Power delivers high quality construction and maintenance outcomes for infrastructure projects in mining, oil and gas, transportation and power generation sectors.


NEPEAN Power offers diversified services including electrical and instrumentation and a mechanical installation capability providing an integrated construction and maintenance value proposition to clients.


NEPEAN Power’s suite of construction services to infrastructure projects encompasses:

  • Electrical and instrumentation works

  • Installation of mechanical equipment

  • Substations and switchyards

  • Switchgear and control systems

  • Underground cabling

  • HV reticulation and overhead line (OHL) systems

  • Control systems

  • Switch room and control room manufacture

  • Pipe spooling (carbon, stainless and exotic)

  • Structural steel and supports

  • Platforms and stairways

  • Chutes and pressure vessels

  • Conveyors and materials handling systems

  • Assembly of modular units and skids


NEPEAN Power also offers maintenance, modification and operations support services including:

  • Sustaining capital projects

  • Brownfield tie-ins

  • Shutdown planning and execution

  • Asset remediation works

  • Hazardous area inspections

  • Pre-commissioning, commissioning and completions

  • Telecommunications and fibre optics

  • Safety management

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