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1. Medium Voltage Protection
2. Protection
3. Energy Management
4. Power Distribution & Control
5. Field switching and sensing
6. Computers & HDMI Interfaces
7. Process Instrumentaion &Tranducers
8. Timers & Control Relays
9. Cable & Terminations
10. Live Line & Signalling
11. Operators & Control Devices
12. Enclosures & Climate control
13. Hazardous Area Equipment
14. Motor Isolators Plugs & Sockets

Hazardous Area DCB (Distribution Control Box)

The NEPEAN Power flameproof Load Centre/Distribution Control Box (DCB) is manufactured to the highest quality standards and can be adapted in design to incorporate individual specifications.

NEPEAN Power understand the importance of design safety and plant reliability, especially in the mine environment and as such NEPEAN Power is certified to AS 60079 or IECEx series of standards for the manufacture of equipment for explosive atmospheres. The NEPEAN Power DCB is manufactured to include several basic designs and sizes and can accommodate a number of combinations including up to 11, 1000V outlets.

The DCB enclosure can be constructed using stainless steel flanges or can be completely produced with stainless steel. The unit can also be supplied on a galvanized metal skid base for ease of transportation around the worksite.

15. Transporting & Lifting Equipment
16. Lighting
17. Cooling System
18. Motor Control & Drives
19. Peripherals
20. Transformers
21. Power - Mining Solutions
Not Listed
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