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Current Transformers

The CT Transducer has been developed to provide a standard 4-20mA current loop output froma0-10mAAC current input.


The X0330 is housed in a small and convenient DIN rail mounted enclosure. Status indications of the current loop output is provided on the front of the X0330 enabling ease of troubleshooting providing operational feedback by varying in intensity over the current loop range.


Input connection for the 24VDC supply and the 4-20mA current loop output is from the bottom side of the module and there is a single set of input terminals at the top for the CT connection. All terminals are clearly marked and colour coded simplifying terminal identification.

  • Dimensions: 79.5mmx70mmx20mm

  • CTInput: 0-10mAAC(max 50mA30 secs)

  • CTBurden: Internal 100Ohms 0.6W

  • Loop Output: 4-20mACurrent loop (source)

  • DC input: 24VDCNom@30mA (18 - 28VDC max)

  • Indicator: Red LEDfor 4-20mAcurrent loop

  • PriAmps SecmA Transducer output:

    • 1A 10mA 4-20mA

    • 5A 10mA 4-20mA

    • 0.3A 10mA 4-20mA


If CT input current exceeds 10mA, the output current loop will increase proportionally to a Maximum of approx 25mA.

Termination: Separate shrouded screw terminals.


An external CT burden can be added to alter the transfer function of the X0330 if required.

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