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X0289FS: Belt Slip & Speed Monitor

The NEPEAN Power Belt Slip and Speed Monitor is designed to fulfil the needs of speed and slip measurement for conveyor systems.

Slip Monitoring
  • Measures slip between a driven roller (input S1) and two other rollers (inputs S2 & S3). Or the slip of one roller from its normal run speed

  • Provides the maximum slip measurement (0-50%) on a 4-20mA output

  • Provides a proximity sensor fault indication by closing the PROX fault relay output

  • A fail-safe relay can provide a trip signal when slippage limits are exceeded

Speed Monitoring
  • Measures and displays speed of up to three rollers (via proximity inputs)

  • Provides the speed measurement (0-150% of normal run speed) on 4-20mA outputs (for remote monitoring).

  • Provides a system healthy indication by closing the 80%-Relay after both start signal and 80% speed is detected.

  • Both under-speed and over-speed conditions can cause the fail-safe signal to trip.

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