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Electronic encaspulant
IR Window

Conveyer Equipment

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NEPEAN Power offers a range of Pull Key Safety Tags, Cable Wedges and Pig Tails, suited for any industrial environment. Pig Tails are available in galvanised steel or stainless steel and vary from 100mm to 250mm.

For more information find part detail in PDF

Infrared Window

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The BNM IR window range is underground mining compliant as they are 100% aluminium free and provide a facility to indirectly view and monitor electrical equipment while in operation. The windows allows transmission of infrared, visible and ultraviolet light. The assembly consist of a crystal window, stainless steel flange and sealing materials.

BNM series windows have been type tested for the following ratings 0.15-10μm, 40kA for 0.8s at 12kV, IK07 and IP68. The industrial grade windows are designed to be installed in switchgear and termination enclosures.

For more information find part detail in PDF




Infrared Windows, Vis 70mm, Inst 89mm, Assembly 100mm,Stainless Steel

Infrared Windows, Vis 75mm, Inst 95mm, Assembly 105mm,Stainless Steel

Infrared Windows, Vis 93mm, Inst 114mm, Assembly 125mm,Stainless Steel

polycarbonate sheet
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