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Motor Control & Drives


Nepean VVVF medium voltage Invertor drives, a variable speed drive (VSD) system, extends equipment life and reduces energy consumption. The VSD is integrated with the motor to achieve better speed and torque control, resulting in softer starts/stops and faster acceleration. The variable chain speeds that match production conditions allow for increased capacity, improved cutting cycles, and greater efficiency for your longwall system.

The Nepean VVVF Invertor motor, designed for the arduous conditions found in underground mining, is approved for use in all underground mining applications. The system includes a high-quality flameproof motor, integrated with a high-power variable frequency drive, to give a single combined power unit. The system is seamlessly integrated with all components of the transmission to provide a complete drive system.

Screenshot 2020-10-06 144141.png

For more information find part detail in PDF

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