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Motor Isolators & Plug Sockets

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isolator enclosure

Isolator Enclosure

The SMD199 series sloped roof visual isolator enclosures have been designed and manufactured for the most physically demanding applications. Our range of enclosures are 316 stainless steel with an option for Zincalume (powder coating). These enclosures are suited to mining, industrial, water and waste water, mineral processing and chemical plants.


• 50A to 800A ratings
• Guide to centre any slightly misaligned shafts
• LED lighting option
• Flame retardant and UV stabilised handle
• Impervious to dust and water
• ABB stainless steel operator handle
• ABB Isolator
• Current range to suit your application
• Ensures positive engagement of isolator
• Easy visual inspection of contact position
• Extended life in outdoor environments

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For more information find part detail in PDF

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