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real time clock

Real Time Clock

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The EP070 is a microprocessor controlled module that features a fully functional Real Time Clock designed to output the time and date in ISO 8601 format. It employs an internal certified battery backup to maintain time and date during power cycles. The EP070 features an internal network communications controller using Ethernet/IPTM protocol to set and retrieve the time and date data. The data available includes Year, Month, Day, Hours, Minutes, Seconds, and milliseconds. The Ethernet/IPTM port allows simple setup of IP address and communication with other industrial devices on the local network such as PLC and HMI units.


• Approved for explosive atmospheres Zone 0 Group I and Group IIC T4
• Ethernet/IP communication Interface with a standard RJ45 socket
• Battery Back-up Power for continuous time stamps
• Millisecond precision timestamp output in ISO 8601 Time Format
• Ethernet/IP LED status indication

For more information find part detail in PDF

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